Diaphasis > temporary editorial unit, Borgo San Lorenzo (Florence)

Temporary Editorial Unit / Corniolo Art Platform
31 July – 2 August 2012
Borgo San Lorenzo, Firenze (Italy)

Foto Maria Pecchioli, ideazione Giulia Ticozzi per la residenza artistica Corniolo Art Platform.

Photo by Maria Pecchioli, concept by Giulia Ticozzi for Corniolo Art Platform art residence, 2012.
Courtesy Corniolo Art Platform.

Building work and cooperation methodologies within the public sphere in Southern Italy; the interception and the in-deep examination of the current social, political and cultural changes; the archive as educational, artistic and generative practise: these are the fields of research of Diaphasis, the temporary editorial unit settled by Archiviazioni at Corniolo Art Platform.
The research team gathered in Corniolo alternated work sessions, debates and strategy-planning, sharing and convivial spaces opened to other aritsts, curators and theoricians invited, within the frame of an ancient villa pertaining to the Medici family, immersed in the Mugello Valley, in the northern surroundings of Florence.

The three focuses are at the base of the evolution of Archiviazioni’s project, which, a year and half after being launched, joins the activities of inveestigation and discussion about contemporary South with the creation of a group of artistic and interdisciplinar planning, with the aim to combines critical thinking and research to actions, by offering competences and planning methodologies.
Archiviazioni acts in order to promote the interaction between art and public sphere in “southern” areas, to intervene in ongoing social, financial and cultural transformations and gives its contribution for a wider consciousness about common good and for the creation of a socio-cultural fabric, increasingly receptive and active within those transformation.

For Archiviazioni the Corniolo’s appointment has been a moment for production and definition of a new human, methodological and operating framework, and a moment for starting a process of identification of forms of sychrony and complementarity with other subjects and artistic/interdisciplinary organizations active in similar social-cultural contexts, in Italy and abroad, that could settle a network of local autonomous unities under a common agenda.
The editorial unit set in Corniolo and through web conferences, brought together the workgroup composed by Archiviazioni staff (Giusy Checola, Federica Scorza, Pietro Gaglianò, Diego Segatto and Susanna Ravelli) and some subjects and organizations working in Southern Italy. Among them: Paolo Mele (cultural manager, Ramdom Association, Lecce), Stefano Taccone (art historian and curator, Napoli), Anna Saba Didonato (art historian and curator, Foggia), Angelo Bianco (SoutHeritage Foundation, Matera), Daniele Guadalupi (artist and curator, Brindisi), Valentina Dessì (Iovogliotornare.it, Cosenza) and Lucia Giardino (curator and art historian, Firenze – Guilmi).

In the afternoon and evening sessions, Diaphasis became open laboratory to discuss about the proposed issues with the participation of artists, curators, theoricians and researchers who work in national and international field. Among the guests in residence and in web-conference there are Susanna Ravelli (EU planner, Milan), Ilaria Mariotti (curator, Pisa), Alessandra Poggianti (art critic and curator, Livorno – Mexico), Juan Pablo Macias (artist and curator, Mexico), Emanuela Baldi (Love Difference), Francesca Recchia (indipendent researcher, currently from India), Ilaria Lupo (artist and cultural manager, Beirut), Tuscany based artists Paolo Parisi, Enrico Vezzi, Bernardo Giorgi, Mirko Smerdel, Leone Contini, Kali Nikolou and Gaetano Cunsolo.

Diaphasis is an editorial unit that is temporary but at the same time permanent in building a format to answer the needs of dialogue and collective elaboration of a mobile working group and a mobile project, whose outcome will be the production of a Journal.
The number zero will be soon available on this website and distributed by the subjects involved.


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