Laboratory for Chamber Music by Attila Faravelli, Nicola Martini and Antonio De Luca > sound interventions and performance, Puglia

Concert and performance by Attila Faravelli – Nicola Martini and Antonio De Luca
Dj set: Lorenzo Senni (Presto!? Records)
Polyphonic intervention by the Sorelle Gaballo
Directed and organized by Luigi Presicce

29th July 2011, 7 p.m.
Villa Franchini, via Lecce 24, San Pietro in Lama (LE, Apulia, Italy)

Nicola Martini, Untitled, 2011. Concrete, wood,  hydrochloric acid. Courtesy the artist. Photo credits Jacopo Menzani.

Performance by Oh Petroleum and Luigi Presicce, 2011. In the frame of Laboratorio di Musica da Camera.
Special guest: Lee Ranaldo.

The Laboratory for Chamber Music, directed and coordinated by Luigi Presicce, is a moment of aggregation in which the sharing of sound experiences and practises from different fields merge into a collective work. The participants are artists and musicians who work on experimental forms of interaction between art and sound, like Nicola Martini, Attila Faravelli and Antonio De Luca, that present to the audience the outcome of the research developed together during the ten days of laboratory with a concert and a performance., with the dj set by Lorenzo Senni (Presto!? Records) and a polyphonic intervention by the Sorello Gaballo.

The laboratory aims to underline the most unpredictable aspects of the mixing among different and sometimes if opposit musical researches, between the experiences of the local individual and collective memory and experimental contemporary practises.
Thus the farm-pastoral sounds interact with the modulated frequencies, the stringed instruments from medieval time with the ones obtained by the recycling of the rubbish, the songs of the countrywomen with the hardness of the strokes of a heavy metal drummer.

With the Laboratory for Chamber Music, developed in private among the artists and presented at the end of the period of research in form of collective work, Archiviazioni goes over its venue in order to act in another territorial field and realize the laboratory and the performative intervention in a house that from private space becomes a public space.
info: +39 347 6001457

Nicola Martini (Firenze, 1984). The genesis of his research and his trial is the culmination of a ritual, required to be within the friction and the interstices of matter. The movements of matter are viewed as an absolute process, and as a same time dependent
on the whole, not least by itself; involutions and envelopes, there is no hierarchy; everything is on the same floor, exploded, glued to their unstuck, each thin layer from its nearest neighbor. Among recent group shows, Amare le persone destinate alle tue cose, Ex Arsenale Cavalli, a cura di C. Frosi e D. Perrone e presentata da Art at Work; In full boom, Galleria Cortese, Milano a cura di Antonio Grulli, Argonauti, Verona a cura di Andrea Bruciati. AS solo shows, Brown Project Space, Milano; Σ, Viafarini, Milano.

Attila Faravelli (Milano 1976). He is musician and electroacoustic composer. Live and in recording’s process, investigates the phenomena of diffusion, localization, refraction and acoustic reflection. Plays and composes in solo (his solo work is published by Die Schachtel), with Andrea Belfi with Tumble (Die Schachtel), with Nicola Ratti (Boring Machines) and he realized acoustic installation with Nicola Martini, to be published soon for the label Presto!? a collection of recordings fruit of their collaboration.

Lorenzo Senni (Milan, 1983). He is a multidisciplinary artist and composer. Using Max / MSP, Supercollider and many other kind of sound synthesis in real time in order to create an abstract flux of extreme computer music. At the momet he is involved in studies of computer music and is working on a long term project on the theme “The evolution of the laser used by the performance of the electronic music”. His interests of research includes the algorithm methods in the arts. He has done tour in Europe, Sandinavia and Japan.

Antonio De Luca (Cursi, 1967). He is painter, sound sculpturer and performer. The attention to the place, the practise of listening, the process and relational dimension are the aspects that characterize his research. He works from 1999 with the Stalker group of Rome, with who participates to many interventions and projects related to the territory. Beside his activity he is author and curator of artistic and multidisciplinary interventions. He was co-founder and is part of the network of researchers and artists of Osservatorio Nomade.

Sorelle Gaballo

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