Le Cose Preziose > group exhibition, Puglia

group show
03.26.2011 – 05.26.2011
exhibition space, laboratory of Art and Architecture of Lecce (Apulia, Italy)
curated by Luigi Presicce and Giusy Checola

Fotografia dall’archivio personale di Luigi Negro. Cortesia dell’artista.

Photography by the personal archive of Luigi Negro. Courtesy the artist.

Le Cose Preziose / The Precious Things, organized on the occasion of the opening of Archiviazioni project space, is a group show which collects the works of around 25 artists who delivered works connected with the projects and its aims. The show is part of a huge action of sensibilization addressed to the audience, the local private subjects, collectors and simply art lovers, who aims to be involved in a process of knowledge and education on the contemporary art as tool of social and cultural development of the territory.

Like in a scavenger hunt, the visitors are taken to discover the places where are preserved the works sent by the artists. The show presents works and the contribution by: Luigi Presicce, Francesco Arena, Luigi Negro, Luca Francesconi, Enzo Umbaca, Cristian Chironi, Stefano Romano, Paola Anziché, Daniele Pezzi , Andrea Kvas, Angelo Bianco, Roberto Martino, Marco Belfiore, Adriano Nasuti Wood, Elenia De Pedro, Giorgio Guidi, Stefano Graziani (www.sanrocco.info), Giallo Concialdi , Andrea Sala, Riccardo Beretta, Alessandro Ceresoli, Jacopo Casadei, Cesare Pietroiusti, Sergio Breviario, Alessandro Vizzini, Riccardo Baruzzi, Giancarlo Norese, Maurizio Vierucci.