Archiviazioni is a platform for artistic and pluridisciplinary research and production that works mainly in Apulia and Basilicata regions, South of Italy. Its activities focus on the relation between art, territory and public sphere, by referring to material and immaterial space and to the territory and its geocultural processes, which responds to local and global logic at the same time.

With projects of artistic experimental investigation and production (Actions) and through the creation of a archive that is generative of new planning and research issues (Archivica), Archiviazioni aims at promote the critical thinking about the relation between artistic practices and public domain in South of Italy and the Mediterranean cultural basin, in dialogue with experimental paths activated in European and extra European countries.

These paths respond to a growing demand for social-cultural change which, in its different acceptations and levels of the debate and clash, starts from a common historical-critical elaboration of the so called “Western” modernity and from the re-evaluation of the contribution to the public art experimentation given by the artistic forms of dissent of mainstream representations of the place already actives in the ’70s. This re-evaluation has been triggered by the current need of redefining the same notions of “public” and “common“, and by the need to affirm the role that nowadays art, pluridisciplinarity, social individuals and communities could play for the redefinition of the public sense and the public good.

The growing number of participative and experience-oriented artistic initiatives in the South of Italy replies to the need (when not to a mere strategy of consensus or a celebration of territorial-identitarian statements) of “staying” among complex identities and cohabitations and between the dualisms which derive more from the “modern” lecture of the history than from being an interstitial space, which is located between the sense of cultural and geographical belonging to the Mediterranean and at the same time the cartographic inclusion in the political map of the so called “first world”. They come from the need to erode the apparently unavoidability of geocultural paradigms, by starting from the analysis of imaginative and cognitive forms of subjugation and colonization of cultural and environmental bio-diversities, that lead to the impoverishment and the annihilation of our psychological and physical ability to survive systems’ crisis.

In these terms, the creation of a common playground for the experimentation of practices of changing, the promotion of the critical thinking, the diversification of forms of knowledge and value production for the promotion of a more complex narration and representation of the places, are essentials.

Finally, Archiviazioni aims at enlarge the historical and geographical debate about public art, which until now has been poorly supported and theorized in Southern Italy and South-Eastern European and Mediterranean areas, by starting from the need of reflection about the same notion of “public art” and the reductive binary opposition of aesthetical formalisation and collective function of art.

Archiviazioni is a cultural association founded and directed by Giusy Checola as part of the program Lab 12:00 of SoutHeritage Foundation for Contemporary Art of Matera (Basilicata region), which is directed by Angelo Bianco and Roberto Martino. Archiviazioni is also a study and planning group composed by Giusy Checola (researcher and curator), Angelo Bianco (artist and art critic), Roberto Martino (artist and curator), Pietro Gaglianò (curator and art critic) and Diego Segatto (architect and designer).
The group and its components collaborate with public and private institutions and subjects in the fields of contemporary art, education, European cultural planning, publishing and collective creative processes. They develop their activities together with artists, theoricians and researchers who come from national and international universities and with experts of disciplines concerning the public space, the forms of urbanity and rurality, the territorial and geocultural processes, the cultural dynamics related to public sphere in its multiple acceptations.
From 2012 the association displaced its legal and operative venues in San Severo (FG) and Matera (MT) and works mainly between Apulia and Basilicata region. In 2011 Archiviazioni has been hosted by the spaces of the Laboratory of Art and Architecture of Lecce, Apulia and co-directed with Luigi Presicce, supported by Anna Cirignola, Elvira De Masi and Toti Semerano; with the collaboration of Salvatore Baldi, Margherita Fanizza and Federica Scorza.