Lab 12:00 – Fondazione SoutHeritage per l’arte contemporanea

Fondazione SoutHeritage for the contemporary art was founded in the 2003 in Matera (the city of the Rioni Sassi, enrolled in the UNESCO World Heritage List), like an expression of an enterpreneurial philosophy which considers the contemporary creativity like a necessary requirement for the full performance of the company’s social function, both internally and towards its context of operation.
The Agrarian Company Grani Cavalli, with these presuppositions, has founded the Fondazione SoutHeritage for the contemporary art, an institution which works like a non-profit and independent subject; the founding project is firstable conceived like an artistic project, entrusting at Angelo Bianco the ideation of the foundation’s concept and the directorship.


Di.St.Urb. (District of studies and urban relations/ in times of crisis) is a space annexed to the cultural circle “Ferro3”, dedicated to visual arts.
Its main purpose is to attract and aggregate a large and heterogeneous group of artists, critics, curators and intellectuals interested in comparison with the languages of art, by adopting a global perspective but also paying close attention to the territory. Thus, in addition to exhibition space, it must therefore be understood as a construction site where subjective formations and different vocations converge to create a trend, always open to new contributions and overruns, but also constantly faithful to two well-defined guidelines that can be summarized in the concept of art as an exercise in constant questioning of its very nature, as well as a practice voted to the constant confrontation with the socio-political dimension. is a project by: Ciro Vitale (creative director), Raffaella Barbato and Stefano Taccone (art cutrator), Pier Paolo Patti (responsible for video documentation and graphics), Franco Cipriano (general supervision), Carla Rossetti (Communication and Press Office), Marida Rossetti (translations), Ilaria Tamburro and Silvia Vicinanza (overall coordination), Mario Paolucci (technical and construction).
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Ramdom (Lecce, ITA) is an association working on cultural and artistic planning and production, that promotes new creative practices and innovative communication languages, through the interaction with the citizens, the private and public subjects both nationals and internationals, and through the promotion of the international mobility.
In 2011 Ramdom run “Default – Masterclass in Residence”, a post-educational project for the artistic production devoted to the regeneration of the industrial spaces of the territory, with the participation of international artists, curators and theoricians. The next edition will run in september 2013 and will focus on the relations between Europe and China.

Guilmi Art Project

GuilmiArtProject (GAP) is a yearly based artist in residence program in the town of Guilmi (Ch). Since 2007 Federico Bacci and Lucia Giardino have invited artists in their house, to spring a multi-layered dialogue with the community. The yearly activity of GAP articulates into many phases ending with the residency dedicated to a selected artist, and with the established practice of the side effects, events – even spontaneous and unplanned – of different nature, and happily incorporated in GAP.

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