The Wall (archives) #4 by Pietro Gaglianò > workshop and exhibition, Puglia

A project by Pietro Gaglianò in collaboration with Archiviazioni

presented by Archiviazioni e Ramdom Association
Within the Off Programme of DEFAULT Masterclass in Residence: Art, Cities and Regeneration

workshop > 29 September 2011, from 10:30 am / by subscription
show > 30.09.2011 – 30.11.2011 / on appointment
opening > 30 September 2011, 7:00 pm

Archiviazioni project space c/o Laboratory of Art and Architecture, Lecce (Italy)

The Wall #4 Lecce di Pietro Gaglianò, workshop e mostra inclusi nel programma DEFAULT Masterclass in Residence, settembre 2011.

Giovanni Oberti, I muri non parlano / Walls can’t speak, 2011, writing on wall realized in occasion of The Wall #4 Lecce.

“In front of a wall each citizen has the right to choose on which side place himself, instead the artists and the intellectuals have a duty: to rise the problem of the existance of the walls / Pietro Gaglianò, 2011”

The Wall (archives) is a project by Pietro Gaglianò, conceived with the aim to open a discussion about the concept of wall, starting from the bare meaning of frontier line to the following and more recent interpretations due to social, cultural, psychological and aesthetic motivations.
The project adapts itself to the different environments where is based, in order to report a contemporary and emotional geography, to briefly focus on the present global consciousness and the individual responsibility regarding the motivations of the arts, using unconventional hands-on tools.
Artists, curators, intellectuals, cultural operators are invited to offer their theoretical or practical support to create a supple box/space enriched by the contributions of the new authors who join the project during his route.

The Wall (archives) #4, co-produced by Archiviazioni and Ramdom Association within the DEFAULT Masterclass in Residence programme, is the title of the fourth step of the project, which after Florence, Rome and Bologna arrives in Lecce at Archiviazioni project space.
The Wall (archives) #4 is composed by three moments: a workshop, a public debate and an exhibition.

The workshop is part of the program of workshops and seminars of DEFAULT Masterclass in Residence, and it aims to promote the discussion about some current relevant topics like the urban space, the decay of the environment and its perception.
The discussion begins with the analysis of the contributions of the previews editions of The Wall which envolved more than 150 authors, which is the base for a discussion about the geopolitical agenda – local and global – and on the different languages adopted by the authors about the walls and the borders, and about the sense of responsability in the artistic languages and system.

The different contributions created by the participants at the workshop are collected in order to create a city map, a kind of sensitive plan around which is developed a public discussion between Pietro Gaglianò and the artists of DEFAULT the day after.

As new kind of exhibition, The Wall (archives) # 4 presents a selection of contributions collected until now about the theme of “the wall”, an archive mobile and in progress which collects different kind of materials (video, photos, drawings, installations, objects, statements, books, magazines and many other elements) and presents them to the audience in a clearly and understandable way.
The main aim is to draw the attention of a wide audience about the emergencies of the present time. Moreover, the project should be considered a reasonable alternative to the traditional ways of conveying the art, colonized by the habit of monumental/minimal events: in these terms The Wall place itself as educational and exhibition step.

Currently the archive includes contributions by:

Adalberto Abbate, Allegra Solitude (aka Gaia B.), Marina Arienzale, Emanuela Ascari, Emanuela Baldi, Maura Banfo, Emanuele Becheri, Francesco Bernardelli, Filippo Berta, Anna Biagetti, Marco Biagini, Leonora Bisagno, Valerio Borgonuovo e Manuela Prandini, Alba Braza, Francesco Campidori, Cecilia Canziani, Daria Carmi, Francesco Carone, Gianluca Casa, Gea Casolaro, Giancarlo Cauteruccio, Matteo Cavalleri, Giusy Checola, Paolo Chiasera, Cristian Chironi, Claudio Cirri, Luca Coclite, Daniela Comani, Michelangelo Consani, Massimo Conti, Leone Contini, Luisa Cortesi, Fabio Cresci, Gaetano Cunsolo, Cuoghi Corsello, Davide Daninos, Michele Dantini, Daniela De Lorenzo, Valerio Del Baglivo, Elisa Del Prete, Giuseppe De Mattia, Fancesco Di Tillo, Elena El Asmar, Debora Ercoli, Emilio Fantin, Flavio Favelli, Davide Ferri, Gino Gianuizzi, Pierfrancesco Gnot, Federico Gori, Francesco Impellizzeri, Devrim Kadirbeyoğlu, Irina Kholodnaya, Salvatore La Porta, Paola Leone, Loredana Longo, LOVE DIFFERENCE, Andrea Lunardi, Ardo Kekezi, Angelo Maggio, Edoardo Malagigi, Filippo Manzini, Aroldo Marinai, Gianluca Marinelli, Marco Mazzoni, Pietro Mele, Alessandro Mencarelli, Franco Menicagli, Manuela Menici, Menoventi, Paolo Meoni, Lucie Mičíková, Miliani Jacopo, Angel Moya Garcia, Mauro Morriconi, Margherita Moscardini, Motus, Muta Imago, Elena Nemkova, Nero, Angela Nocentini, Giovanni Oberti, Oh Petroleum, Francesco Ozzola, Giovanni Ozzola, Filippo Pagotto, Tommaso Panerai, Pantani-Surace, Paolo Parisi, Olga Pavlenko, Maria Pecchioli, Anita Pepe, Eugenio Percossi, Chiara Pergola, Luana Perilli, Robert Pettena, Alessandro Piangiamore, Alberto Piccinni, Cesare Pietroiusti, Caterina Poggesi, Elvino Politi, Postcards from Beirut, Luigi Presicce, Alessandro Raveggi, Massimo Ricciardo, Davide Rivalta, Antonio Rovaldi, Pablo Rubio, Paolo Ruffini, Alessandra Sandrolini, Eva Sauer, Chiara Scarselli, Stefano Scialotti, Diego Segatto, Sergio Solombrino, Eddie Spanier, studio++, Ester Tatangelo, Pier Luigi Tazzi, Chiara Tinonin, Nicola Toffolini, Stefano Tondo, Gian Maria Tosatti, Gabriele Tosi, Marcella Vanzo, Valentina Vetturi, Sabrina Vedovotto, Enrico Vezzi, Italo Zuffi, le associazioni bolognesi Bartleby, Comunicattive, Crudo, DryArt, Fragile Continuo, Hamelin, Il Cassero, Leggere Strutture, Pesci Pneumatici, Spazio Labò, Teatrino Clandestino.

The mobile archive presented on this occasion is the original core of a special section of The Wall placed at Archivica, the archive and documentation center for contemporary art of Archiviazioni, as open laboratory in the Southern Italy which works on the process of mapping the critical aspects in the urban environment, concerning the topics of democracy, tolerance, the extension of protected areas and the accessibility.

Pietro Gaglianò (1975) is an art critic and scholar of the contemporary languages, focused on the relationship between visual arts, performing arts and research theatre; of the urban, architectural and social contexts as environment for artistic performances; of art which works on the geo-political emergencies. His texts are published on catalogues of solo and group shows, he pubished as well books edited by Editoria&Spettacolo, Electa, Shin, Pendragon, Maschietto Editore, Titivillus; he worked as contributor for several art reviews. He is in charge of the didactical activity in private and public institutions, and he collaborates with institutions for the research of art and theatre.

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